Never Alone

12141611_10153522704736558_6904398879045281937_nA Tribute to a Much-Loved Friend

This week, our church community is grieving the loss of a very special brother. Our beloved friend Tudy Lara was killed in an accident last Monday, and his parting has left us all with hearts filled with deep sorrow. He was just the right combination of boldness and compassion, courage and tender love. A faithful friend and sacrificial servant, Tudy was truly a man of God and a leader among men.

“When’s he gonna get over this?” This question was asked of me regarding a man who had experienced the loss of a child, an unimaginable sorrow. My answer to this question is “never.” We never “get over” the loss of a loved one or any sorrow this deep. Our sorrows and grief simply become part of our life narrative, the fabric of our story. Sorrow shapes us and changes us, but the sadness of loss never goes away.

During times of sorrow, its best to keep our hearts abiding in Jesus Christ and daily lay down our burdens before Him. In the hands of God, our sorrows work to greatly increase our capacity for love and compassion.(1) Know this – he who has not suffered much cannot love much. In the fire of pain and tribulation, our love is purified, beautified, and empowered.

Jesus was prophesied by Isaiah to be the “man of sorrows, well acquainted with grief.”(2) Jesus is well acquainted with every sorrow we will encounter. Isaiah also promised to those who mourn that this Messiah would provide

“a crown of beauty instead of ashes,
festive oil instead of mourning,
and splendid clothes instead of despair.”(3)

Tudy “fell asleep” on earth and woke up in the presence of the Savior He loves and worships.(4) Our hearts and prayers go out to his precious wife, Bonnie, and his family. As one modern song writer sings, “earth has no sorrows heaven can’t heal.” All who sorrow eagerly await the day of healing in heaven, trusting God on earth with each new day.

Tudy – love you always and see you soon!
Pastor Steve

(1) II Corinthians 1:3-5

(2) Isaiah 53:3, English Standard Version

(3) Isaiah 61:3, English Standard Version

(4) I Corinthians 15:18, 19

7 thoughts on “Never Alone”

  1. Thank you Pastor Steve, We want to thank you for your prayers🙏 And also for that wonderful tribute that you posted. Also we would like to thank the counterpoint community for all their prayers, May our lord are God continue to keep all of us in h III a loving grace. Mr. Isaac lara.


    1. Mr. Lara,
      We will continue in prayer for you and your family. May God supply His abundant comfort in this difficult time. Along with you, we love Tudy and praise God for the promise that we will see him again when we reach our home in Heaven.
      Pastor Steve


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