Never Alone

A Personal Tribute to David Reeves from a Grateful Pastor

The Monday before David Reeves fell asleep on this earth and graduated to Heaven, I had the great honor of speaking with him in the hospital. Although his body was quickly failing, he insisted on sitting on the edge of his bed to talk to me. This seemed like an odd juxtaposition as David was most often the one who sat by the bed of those in the hospital, bearing burdens and praying the comfort of Christ on those who suffered. 

David and Bobbie were the ones who drove folks to the hospital and sat with people as their loved ones had procedures. No one who suffered ever wondered if David loved them, as he made love a verb. Faith without works, after all, is dead faith. (James 2:14-26)

Just four days before his passing, David asked me about all those in the church for whom he was concerned. He asked about those who had been sick, and about those we haven’t seen in a while. He wanted to make sure that his flock of friends and care recipients were in as good a shape as possible before he could be excused to Heaven. “And how’s that young man who plays the guitar . . . ?”

David’s friendly smile and welcoming ways led many to join with us at Centerpoint. First-time visitors were often invited to lunch, and he would faithfully introduce them to me and learn about their needs. And when asked how we’re doing, David has all of us saying, “Mighty fine!”

Bobbie and David were married for 64 years to the great glory of God. Jesus used the foundation of their love and commitment to bless the generations of their family. He left a legacy of honesty, honor, hard work, and respect for people that has permanently marked their three children, grandchildren, and great-grandchildren.  

And I’ll never forget the first time I saw them dance! Not some quiet, subdued waltz, but a lively 50’s jitterbug and swing. This seemed like the perfect expression of their zeal for life and love. And they knew how to have fun!

Great, impactful churches are built on the lives of men like David Reeves. The New Testament knows nothing of followers of Christ who are unwilling to faithfully fellowship with a local church. There are 59 “one another” commands in Scripture that cannot be obediently fulfilled without regular fellowship in a local church. All 59 were on display in the life of this man of God.

My personal friendship with David was warm and beneficial (he fixed all the broken things in our home). We had disagreements from time to time, but he never walked away. Love compelled him to gather with those who love Jesus. He didn’t have to call me “Pastor,” but he always did as honor was one of his highest values. For the rest of my life, I will hear the voice of honor in a Texas drawl. “Pastor, here’s someone new I want you to meet . . .” Honoring people makes us strong.

I will always have deep respect for David’s great love for his family, friends, and church. Some knew him as “Tex,” and some called him “coach,” but all who knew him experienced his irreplaceable love for the Body of Christ.

Born in 1935, David was a holdover from the “greatest generation”; he worked hard, made deep commitments, and loved with his whole heart. Great families and churches will always be built on men like him. Now I’m desperate to find ten godly men to fill his boots at Centerpoint.

Love and miss you Dave,

Pastor Steve

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